Print ISSN: 1937-5247 Online ISSN: 1937-5255

Frequency: Bi-annually (April/May & Nov/Dec) and continuously as preprint online

Print ISSN: 1937-5247 Online ISSN: 1937-5255

DOI: 10.37308

Frequency: Bi-annually (April/May & Nov/Dec) and continuously as preprint online

DFI Journal - The Journal of the Deep Foundations Institute

Journal Publisher

The DFI Journal is a self-publishing Journal. Our publisher contact information is as follows:

Deep Foundations Institute
326 Lafayette Avenue,
Hawthorne, NJ. 07506.


The DFI Journal publishes primarily online, however print copies are available upon subscription as well as for purchase. Our international standard serial numbers are ISSN 1937-5247 for all print editions, and ISSN 1937-5255 for all online publications.

We provide all authors with the printed issue in which their manuscript has been published.

Should you have any questions on the process from manuscript submission to manuscript publication, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Editorial Contact: Anne Lemnitzer, co-Editor in Chief, email:

DFI Publisher Contact: Katie Kontos, email:

Journal Advertising

The DFI Journal allows advertising solely in the form of Journal underwriting and in agreement with the Journal’s advertisement practice. Journal underwriters are featured on the Journal’s homepage (with their respective logos) and acknowledged at the end of each manuscript (with their logos). Print versions of the Journal contain an underwriter page at the end of each issue.

DFI Journal underwriting and advertisement are independent and not related in any way to the Journal’s editorial decision-making. The DFI Journals further reserves the right to decline any underwriting that is damaging to the Journal or its reputation. Advertisements will not be accepted if they appear to be indecent or offensive in either text or artwork, or if they relate to the content of a personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious nature. The underwriter should be related to the deep foundation engineering community.

The inclusion of advertising in a scientific publication is strictly prohibited. Authors are expected to refrain from describing products, tools, software, equipment, materials, or other deliverables in a non-objective, non-scientific, or commercially biased manner. This encompasses any form of product marketing within the manuscript, including the use of “sales pitches” that compare products, as well as subjective and overly praiseful descriptions of commercially available products and methodologies, and unfair or inaccurate depictions of alternative options.

Journal Revenue

The DFI Journal is a self-financed journal, supported by the Deep Foundations Institute. In addition, the journal receives fees from authors who select an open-access option. The Journal receives financial support (on a voluntary annual basis) through Journal underwriting/advertising by professional industry members in the foundation engineering profession.

The underwriters of the Journal highly appreciate the advantages of groundbreaking research published in the DFI Journal. They endorse the Journal’s vision to foster progress and ingenuity in deep foundation engineering and assist in disseminating innovative research on a larger scale.

To maintain the Journal’s ethical standards, Journal underwriters have no influence on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts submitted to the Journal. Members of companies who currently underwrite the Journal are not allowed to publish in the issue they are underwriting. Strict supervision of conflict of interests is maintained to preserve scientific integrity. Journal operating expenses including the cost of web presence, administrative cost and salaries are supported by the above-mentioned resources.

DFI Journal Direct Marketing Methodologies

The DFI Journal uses professional, targeted, and industry specific marketing strategies like direct emailing, calls for papers, DFI magazine announcements, and posts/blogs on professional media platforms to promote the research that the Journal publishes. Its marketing approach aims to increase the availability of transformative research published in the Journal, to inform professionals without a direct journal subscription of newly available articles, and to increase the visibility of new Journal issues. It is intended to maximize the success of the Journal and its impact on the engineering profession.


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