Print ISSN: 1937-5247 Online ISSN: 1937-5255

Frequency: Bi-annually (April/May & Nov/Dec) and continuously as preprint online

Print ISSN: 1937-5247 Online ISSN: 1937-5255

DOI: 10.37308

Frequency: Bi-annually (April/May & Nov/Dec) and continuously as preprint online

DFI Journal - The Journal of the Deep Foundations Institute

Author Services

Open Access publishing

DFI offers OpenAccess publishing in accordance with funding body requirements. Your choice of publication will have no effect on the peer review process or acceptance of your submission.

All articles published as “Open Access Paper” will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read, download, copy, and distribute.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND):

Allows users to copy and distribute the Article, provided this is not done for commercial purposes and further does not permit distribution of the Article if it is changed or edited in any way, and provided the user gives appropriate credit (with a link to the formal publication through the relevant DOI), provides a link to the license, and that the licensor is not represented as endorsing the use made of the work. The full details of the license are available at

A fee of USD$665 (including taxes) is payable by the author or research funder to cover the costs associated with publication. Please submit a signed Open Access Policy Agreement with your manuscript.

Open Access Policy Agreement (pdf)
Open Access Policy Agreement (word)

Hereby, DFI offers a semi-gold open access model. All papers are immediately available and freely accessible once the OpenAccess paperwork has been completed between the author and the DFI Journal. All OpenAccess papers will be stored and published at the DFI Journal platform. The authors keep the full copyright to the article in agreement with the CC-BY-NC-ND ( Attribution, non-commercial use, no derivative works, see above). Authors are not permitted to submit the same paper to third party OpenAccess platforms once published on the DFI Platform.

Copy-Editing Services for Authors

DFI’s typesetter GEETHIK offers Copy-editing services for language and grammar.  If a manuscript requires copy-editing as part of the acceptance conditions, authors may contact the Editors in Chief for additional Copy-Editing services in collaboration with DFI. The Editors will be able to provide a list of services suitable for the technical content of the Journal.

Journal Archiving

The DFI Journal is committed to preserving and archiving any scholarly work submitted to the Journal and to ensure long-term accessibility. Currently we maintain our own digital library to store a complete version of every submission received by the Journal. The current formats are XML and pdf, along with JPG and TIFF for all individual figure files.

In case of a library cease, the DFI Journal will transfer its current paper archive to a publicly accessible third party, state of the art data library.