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Review Guidelines

All submissions to the DFI Journal are subject to a single-blind peer-review process. All papers will receive at least two independent reviews from qualified reviewers in the subject field of the paper. Authors will receive anonymous feedback on their submissions. The Editors in Chief will make the final acceptance decision based on the reviewers’ feedback and the Editors’ recommendations. A detailed description of the peer review process, the plagiarism check, review times and decisions, as well as recommendations on how to perform an effective and valuable peer review can be found in the Journal’s Peer Review Process and Guidelines

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for the DFI Journal, please create an online profile in DFI’s editorial manager, and write the Journal’s Editors in Chief about your interest (journal@dfi.org). We would be happy to have you involved.

Editorial Board

Editors in Chief:
Anne Lemnitzer (USA)
Timothy Siegel (USA)

Harry Poulos (Australia)

Alaal Ashmawy (UAE)
Sunil Basarkar (India)
Billy Camp (USA)
Rick Deschamps (USA)
Paul Doherty (Ireland)
Bengt Fellenius (Canada)
Jennifer Nicks (USA)
Cassie Rutherford (USA)
Jon Sinnreich (USA)
Armin Stuedlein (USA)
Zia Zafir (USA)

2021 Journal Underwriters

Interested in becoming a Journal Underwriter, contact us at journal@dfi.org

Journal News

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